Varagi Natkunaseelan – George Harvey C.I

Submitted By: Varagi Natkunaseelan

When we get cut or scraped we use a bandaid, After the bandaid is applied, our parents used to kiss it so we would feel better. Our parents taught us that that jumping on the bed could be dangerous and could cause harm, so we would be too hesitate to jump, We learned that if you touch the stove you could get burned, We learned not to run with scissors because it could pierce through our skin and cause us to bleed, Currently, just a few of us are learning about the dangers of what was residential schools. The danger of speaking your language and getting punished, the danger of practicing your culture and getting punished, the danger of horny perverts dressed in black who we’re supposed to be doing the work of God but focused on molesting children, this great amount of danger that our parents could not protect us from, this danger caused many of us wounds, huge wounds that could possibly never heal, but we can at least work at healing our wounds, we can at least get our stories out to many people, we can let people know what was truly happening behind closed doors,we can learn from this traumatic experience so that history may not repeat its self, we must learn to forgive but never forget about what has happened at residential schools, there is no point in being mad for the rest of our lives, we cannot change the past but we can change the future, maybe this way, We can heal, maybe, this may be the bandaid to our open wounds.

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