NM – John F. Ross C.V.I

Submitted By: NM

I have mixed feelings about Harper’s apology to the survivors of residential schools. At first i feel that it was good for him to do so and that it was necessary, but at the same time i feel strongly about him doing nothing after the fact. By him not doing anything about healthcare, education, housing, clean water, counselling, indoor plumbing, electricity, and the MANY other important issues on reserves, his apology goes out the window and becomes invalid. If we can’t rely on Harper to solve these issues and TRULY apologize to all of the FNMI canadians, which absolutely can be done, then how can we rely on him running our country? We should really beusing Jack Layton’s apology as an example to keep fighting for the rights of the FNMI community because i personally think he spoke from the heart in his speech. It’s just a tragedy that he passed away so soon because we still need him.

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