Michael Cywink – Nipissing University

Submitted By: Michael Cywink

My mother and her immediate family were products of the Spanish Residential School. I am 2nd generation so to speak and the effects of educational genocide/ or institutional genocide has had repercussions on me as well as my children. I heard Steve’s speach regarding reconciliation on behalf of the Canadian Government. It was talk without truth, or honesty nor heart. The Crown via the Queen did not have the respect to address this matter, but rather pass the buck over to Canada. The Pope didn’t have the respect to act on it due to the Pope being one with the Crown in the name of God implementing genocide big time. So much history/oral history has been lost due to this that our Elders are sleeping, knowing they have missed something important in the world of Anishinabe reality. Our youth are lost due to lack of structure from an Indigenous perspective. I was told at a very young age that “not everything white is right and that the Queen and Crown are behind in their rent”.

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