Justin-Philip II – George Harvey

Submitted By: Justin-Philip II

My experience in school today makes it seem that Aboriginal Peoples didn’t get treated as fair and with no respect compared to today. We can go to school with our culture and beliefs not being taken away from us and nobody forcing us into another culture. Today students get treated equally which is what everyone should be in, a good learning environment.

Aboriginal Peoples in residential schools were treated with no respect and in a bad learning environment. Kids would be taken away from their homes and forced to let go of their culture. Their hair would be cut short, their clothes would be taken away and anything that was religious or represented their culture would also be taken away.

What I think about Canada’s residential school history is that it is a terrible thing that happened. Canada is a free country where you can say what you want, do what you want, and practice whatever religion that you want. It isn’t fair that Aboriginal Peoples had to go through this in a country that is free and a country that they call home.

Aboriginal Peoples should not have their land being taken away, and have land that was taken away to be given back. Aboriginal Peoples have been through a lot of pain and hurtful experiences so a good way to ask for forgiveness and help them heal is to give back what was taken away from them.

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