Ivan Barrientos – George Harvey

Submitted By: Ivan Barrientos

In my experiences today in school i have realized that we have it much easier then the people that were in residential schools, the people there weren’t treated right like the children in today’s society. There would be a lot of deaths in those schools while now we just come to learn.

I think that residential schools treated people with no respect for them at all, people didn’t deserve to get treated like that. they should have been aloud to be themselves sand not have to change.

Ways to help the society is to give back to ones who suffered to try to all become one again and to be all together again

I think that these events were part of the bad stuff of our history that it should be forgotten and start a new part in our history.

I believe that native people should have their land back and also be given more due to the pain and suffering the schools caused them

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