Hatice Ugurlu – George Harvey Collegiate Institute

Submitted By: Hatice Ugurlu

Coldness, Darkness, a place where no love was found,
Silenced, no voice, filled with lots of children but yet no one was around,
Trapped in your head, only your thoughts to help you get through,
The screams of other children being beaten in front of you,
You’ve grown, and escaped that crazy asylum called school,
But every night you wake up traumatized, sweating trying to keep it cool,
You’re heart full of anger, sadness and rage; you can’t express your feelings so your children take the blame
You live your life angry, hating the Government asking why they would let such a thing happen,
You feel like giving up, that there’s no point on going on,
But don’t give up, After the storm comes the calm,
In order to move forward your must confront your past,
Forgiving and moving onward, healing the broken, forgiveness is the cast,
There’s no point of living an angry life, and holding onto the pain,
It takes two to receive foreclosure, and but don’t let your story go in-vain

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