Michael Cywink – Nipissing University

Submitted By: Michael Cywink

My mother and her immediate family were products of the Spanish Residential School. I am 2nd generation so to speak and the effects of educational genocide/ or institutional genocide has had repercussions on me as well as my children. I heard Steve’s speach regarding reconciliation on behalf of the Canadian Government. It was talk without truth, or honesty nor heart. The Crown via the Queen did not have the respect to address this matter, but rather pass the buck over to Canada. The Pop [...]

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Jessica Wongsam, Stephanie Silva-Sanchez, Shabnum Javed – Tamanawis Secondary School

Submitted By: Jessica Wongsam, Stephanie Silva-Sanchez, Shabnum Javed

Jessica, Stephanie, Shabnum

Residential schools were a place where children were deprived of an essential part of their childhood; culture. At a young age, aboriginal children were expected to assimilate into the western culture that was being invasively enforced upon the community. Through this process, children were registered into residential schools under the law, enforced by the government. This resulted in a negative impact that will forever remain in the hearts of aboriginal com [...]

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Desirae Desnomie – Anywhere

Submitted By: Desirae Desnomie


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Aman Bains – Tamanawis Secondary

Submitted By: Aman Bains

Dear, Stephen Harper
We are students of Tamanawis Secondary School and since we have been learning about the first nations in our social justice class we have realized the hardship and torture that the Aboriginal people had to go through. It’s sad to hear that the founders of our land we’re treated this way. A huge topic that impacted my class was the residential schools. It’s hard to believe that such a cruel thing happened in a country that is supposed to be so peaceful. It’s [...]

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Abdul Mohammed – Tamanawis Secondary

Submitted By: Abdul Mohammed

Dear Stephen Harper,
I have recently learned of the cruel treatment that was subjected onto the children of the Sto: Lo nation. They were taken from their families and put in resedential schools where they were stripped of their language, cultures, and beleifs. This was called ” taking the indian out of the child ”. What really disgusts me however is how these children were treated and the poor conditions they had to live in. I can’t believe that my government played a [...]

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