Adriana Hernandez – Loretto College

Submitted By: Adriana Hernandez

Life for the innocent children who were forced to attend residential schools was painful and horrifying. These children lost their culture, language, sense of affection and knowledge of who they were.


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Shauna Gibb – Killam Public

Submitted By: Shauna Gibb

I attended a session at the CEATCA Convention on residential schools in Canada. Charlene Bearhead was our presenter and she did a phenomenal job of educating teachers about the residential school legacy. Because of this presentation I will be able to do a better job of educating my students. My message to all survivors: I don’t have words adequate enough to express how devastated I am that healthy and loving families were destroyed by the actions of the Canadian Government. Every day th [...]

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Rusla, Gabe, Shelby – Tamanwis

Submitted By: Rusla, Gabe, Shelby

The History of Coqualeetza Lake Indian Residential School

The Coqualeetza Residential School was founded in 1884 by Methodist missionaries Charles M Tate and his wife Caroline. It went through many changes throughout the years. In 1884 it was opened to 40 students. In 1891 the school burnt down, it was re-built in 1893 but the name was changed to Coqualeetza Industrial Institute. 120 students attended the Coqualeetza Institute making it the second largest residential school in Canada. [...]

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Paulo,Sumeet, Hardeep – Tamanawis Secondary

Submitted By: Paulo,Sumeet, Hardeep

In our view the Sto:lo Nations were very badly mistreated, their rights were violated even though their rights were limited by the government. The main purpose of the residential schools was to eliminate all aspects of Aboriginal culture. The children were affected the most, they were brought to residential schools and were forced to forget their religion and believe in Christian ways of living. Aboriginal kids were severely punished for speaking their language they were only allowed to speak [...]

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Mona, Nicole, Abhinav – Tamanawis

Submitted By: Mona, Nicole, Abhinav

Waking up in an isolated building, where everyone else is just as unfamiliar with their surroundings as you are was what every Aboriginal child attending Coqualeetza Lake Indian Residential School had to endure for decades. It was here; in numbingly cold Northern British Columbia that one of the many Residential schools of Canada between the 1850’s and the 1990’s was opened to carry out the assimilation of the future generations of First Nations people. The goal of the Catholic Churches a [...]

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