Alex Falsetto – St. Pius X highschool

Submitted By: Alex Falsetto

Residential schools were a horrible mistake by Canada’s government.



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Emmitt – St pius X highschool

Submitted By: Emmitt

School project.



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NM – John F. Ross C.V.I

Submitted By: NM

I have mixed feelings about Harper’s apology to the survivors of residential schools. At first i feel that it was good for him to do so and that it was necessary, but at the same time i feel strongly about him doing nothing after the fact. By him not doing anything about healthcare, education, housing, clean water, counselling, indoor plumbing, electricity, and the MANY other important issues on reserves, his apology goes out the window and becomes invalid. If we can’t rely on Har [...]

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Ashley Cheverie – John,F Ross

Submitted By: Ashley Cheverie

I can’t believe what happened at residential schools. I think the government should step up and help the FNMI people who are suffering from post traumatic stress disorder caused by residential schools. The government can try to make it sound like it is history but it is not. The last residential school only closed down in the 90’s and there are still about 80,000 people living who went to residential schools. The government needs to seriously help FNMI peoples instead of trying to [...]

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D.G – John F Ross

Submitted By: D.G

I am very surprised that the Canadian government would even think of allowing residential schools to happen, maybe they thought it would be good for them to learn English but definitely not all of the abuse and killing their culture. I am also wondering if the government knew that the people from the church were abusing the children. I hope that the survivors of residential schools find happiness now that they are safe.


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