Ryan Brink – Bowness High School

Submitted By: Ryan Brink

I understand that residential schools scarred and tore apart native lives, and the colonizing nations thought the schools would greatly benefit the indigenous people’s quality of life as they were assimilated to the European way of life.

The schools have given Canada a dark spot, a wound, that we can hope to heal over with more indigenous freedom. Intergenerational trauma is a huge factor in the legacy left behind, for the stories are continually being passed down generation to g [...]

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Hayley – bowness high school

Submitted By: Hayley

Speak Out
Residential schools were school set up by the government. The schools were set up to assimilate aboriginal children’s culture, language and way-of-life. Aboriginal children were forced to attend these schools, and were taken away from their families to do so. The treatment of children in these schools was poor, and many children died. The last residential school closed in 1996, however many people are still affected by these past events.
There are many ways in which pe [...]

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Jared Alkema – bowness high school

Submitted By: Jared Alkema is my opinion


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Daniel – Bowness High

Submitted By: Daniel

I know that the residential schools were commissioned to remove the First Nation children from their families and to convert them to become ‘white’. It was made so that the First Nations people would lose their identity and traditions. The legacy that the schools left behind was substance abusers and people that couldn’t cope with the trauma so they became violent. These violent survivors showed their anger and hurt inside and affected their children and people close to them. The wave c [...]

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Cassie – Bowness High School.

Submitted By: Cassie

Throughout the 19th century, Canadian government took the education and caring for the aboriginal people living in Canada into their own hands. They believed that they were helping them, when in all reality they ruined many lives, tore many families apart, and potentially eliminated cultures and children’s cultural identities. The government took the children because they were easier to modify and adjust to the idea of the “ideal Canadian” that the government aimed for. The residential [...]

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