Justin-Philip II – George Harvey

Submitted By: Justin-Philip II

My experience in school today makes it seem that Aboriginal Peoples didn’t get treated as fair and with no respect compared to today. We can go to school with our culture and beliefs not being taken away from us and nobody forcing us into another culture. Today students get treated equally which is what everyone should be in, a good learning environment.

Aboriginal Peoples in residential schools were treated with no respect and in a bad learning environment. Kids would be taken a [...]

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Daniel – george harvey collegiate institute

Submitted By: Daniel

Residential schools was like hell to the Aboriginal children, they were held in big buildings where they were forced to live in and get abused by, they were not allowed to speak their own languages, see their siblings and leave the residential school. The residential schools had really bad healthcare, in the first 16 years of the residential schools, 75% of the Aboriginal children were dead or sick. When one of the Aboriginal children died, they would never inform the kids parents or guardian [...]

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Ivan Barrientos – George Harvey

Submitted By: Ivan Barrientos

In my experiences today in school i have realized that we have it much easier then the people that were in residential schools, the people there weren’t treated right like the children in today’s society. There would be a lot of deaths in those schools while now we just come to learn.

I think that residential schools treated people with no respect for them at all, people didn’t deserve to get treated like that. they should have been aloud to be themselves sand not hav [...]

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Hatice Ugurlu – George Harvey Collegiate Institute

Submitted By: Hatice Ugurlu

Coldness, Darkness, a place where no love was found,
Silenced, no voice, filled with lots of children but yet no one was around,
Trapped in your head, only your thoughts to help you get through,
The screams of other children being beaten in front of you,
You’ve grown, and escaped that crazy asylum called school,
But every night you wake up traumatized, sweating trying to keep it cool,
You’re heart full of anger, sadness and rage; you [...]

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Ryan Brink – Bowness High School

Submitted By: Ryan Brink

I understand that residential schools scarred and tore apart native lives, and the colonizing nations thought the schools would greatly benefit the indigenous people’s quality of life as they were assimilated to the European way of life.

The schools have given Canada a dark spot, a wound, that we can hope to heal over with more indigenous freedom. Intergenerational trauma is a huge factor in the legacy left behind, for the stories are continually being passed down generation to g [...]

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