In Lesson Plan 1 of the 100 Years of Loss Edukit, you learned about the Residential School System in Canada by hearing Prime Minister Stephen Harper deliver a formal apology to Survivors and their families in the House of Commons on June 11, 2008.

Now, it is your opportunity to deliver a message to Survivors, their families, communities, and to all Canadians! Tell us what you think about Canada’s residential school history, and about the importance of reconciliation and healing. Share your videos, poems, performances, ideas, and words. Speak up and speak out!

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Your Stories

Dante Brown – George Harvey Collegiate Institute

Submitted By: Dante Brown

Did you not see our FACES?

The FACES of Scared children
The FACES you abused
The FACES of children that couldn’t speak their own tongue
The FACES of children that couldn’t speak up
The FACES of lonely individuals surrounded by many
The FACES of the misunderstood
The FACES of those who didn’t understand
The FACES of outcasts
The FACES that sought out to go home so bad
The FACES of those who were caged in a world the[...]

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Varagi Natkunaseelan – George Harvey C.I

Submitted By: Varagi Natkunaseelan

When we get cut or scraped we use a bandaid, After the bandaid is applied, our parents used to kiss it so we would feel better. Our parents taught us that that jumping on the bed could be dangerous and could cause harm, so we would be too hesitate to jump, We learned that if you touch the stove you could get burned, We learned not to run with scissors because it could pierce through our skin and cause us to bleed, Currently, just a few of us are learning about the dangers of wha[...]

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