In Lesson Plan 1 of the 100 Years of Loss Edukit, you learned about the Residential School System in Canada by hearing Prime Minister Stephen Harper deliver a formal apology to Survivors and their families in the House of Commons on June 11, 2008.

Now, it is your opportunity to deliver a message to Survivors, their families, communities, and to all Canadians! Tell us what you think about Canada’s residential school history, and about the importance of reconciliation and healing. Share your videos, poems, performances, ideas, and words. Speak up and speak out!

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Your Stories

Rosemarie Erb – Nbisiing Secondary School

Submitted By: Rosemarie Erb

My mom has been gone five years now-she never really talked much about her time at the Spanish Residential school in northern Ontario until she wrote this short story. My grandmother went to the same Residential school and as an adult she suffered with sore and crooked feet from wearing shoes that were too small for while at the Spanish Residential school.
Now is the time for Truth & Reconciliation. At this time, I finally feel strong enough now to share my moms short story.


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Richelle Young – George Harvey CI

Submitted By: Richelle Young

When I was young girl, I knew who I was.
I had a family and community that I loved, and a culture that I embraced and adored.
But, I remember that day, when it was taken from me
my Aboriginal language
my older my brother
my health
my cultural traditions
my letters from family
they took my IDENTITY
now, we REUNITE & HEAL
we unveil the TRUTH & RECONCILE together as one.


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